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Taking a Pump Vacation

What is a Pump Vacation?

I had heard the term Pump Vacation before, but never really understood it. Why would you go from the freedom of wearing a pump to having to take multiple daily injections? A pump vacation is when you remove your pump and don't replace it with a new one for any extended amount of time. Could be a couple of days, but it could be a month or two.

Pump Vacation


Why Take a Pump Vacation?

Until I finally decided to take a pump vacation a few weeks ago, I never understood the point. Even though the price of wearing a Pod all the time gets expensive, I just love the freedom of not having to bring a needle everywhere I go.

I had to take a pump vaca because my baby girl kept kicking it off of me (ouchhhh!) no matter where I put it. Instead of wasting a pump a day, I decided to start taking mdi again. To be honest, since I am breast feeding and I am home most of the time, it wasn't that big of an adjustment. Some days I really miss wearing my pump and accessorizing it with my omnipod stickers. I don't miss having my pump ripped off my arm/stomach or leg though.


How Often Should You Take a Pump Vacation?

This is totally up to you. Before taking my first and only long pump vacation, I never saw the need to take one. Although, if you're going to a spa weekend, you may consider doing this. Spending extended amounts of time in a hot tub is not good for the insulin in the pod (if you use an Omnipod). Or if you have a sports tournament and are afraid of getting your pump ripped off, this may be the perfect time for a little pump vacay. Other than needing to keep your pump off for these reason and others, I never saw the point in taking a vacation from my pump. Other people like to take a week every other month just so they don't constantly have a pump attached to their bodies.

In other words, there is no rule about when or how long to take a pump vacation, just do what feels right to you!

Insulin Pump Omnipod Pump Vacation

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