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November 7, 2020


Today, we share our family who supports us.

Diabetic Support System

This post is all about appreciating the people who are there for us always. Through our highs and lows (literally). 

As I mentioned in my diagnosis story, I was diagnosed at age 8. I was young and didn't understand why I was so unfairly giving this diagnosis. When you're that young things don't always easily make sense. Like, for example no one gave me diabetes, I didn't catch it from anyone, nor did I do anything to cause it to happen. My pancreas just didn't work like it was supposed to. 

I don't know how many times my parents had to listen to me cry and say "why me, it's not fair!" Now, as a parent myself, I can only imagine the guilt they must have felt. Not because they could have prevented my diagnosis, or cured me, but because it is so hard to see your child suffer and there is no way of it getting better. There is no cure, you can't say "you'll get better" or "it'll go away soon", you just have to endure the unfairness your child was facing and would continue to face forever.

My father was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes the day I was born, so in a way I as so lucky to have someone so close to me going through the same thing. If I didn't want to check my blood sugars, he would pull out his glucose meter and check his at the same time. It made the "why me" question disappear, because it wasn't only me. In a way, it made us bond even more than before. We could talk about the struggles that no one else in our family really understood. 

As I grew up, my parents and siblings were my support system. My family had to deal with my low lies and more. Yes, you read that right. When I'm really low, I tend to become a huge liar. It's funny because normally I am a terrible liar, I cannot lie to save my life. I think the fact that I don't normally lie, figuring out that I'm low is easy because my lies are ridiculous apparently. 

I still lean on my parents when my husband is travelling with work. I bring my dog and little one with me and stay with them. It gives me (and my husband) a sense of security knowing if anything were to happen, they're right there. 

I was also lucky enough to find an amazing partner. My husband started out as a good friend who was super caring from the beginning. He was one of the first people I've been open with about my diabetes from the beginning. He will wake me up in the middle of the night to bring me juice so I don't need to get out of bed. He also can tell I'm low before I can sometimes (pre-dexcom alerts). He comes to all my appointments, well pre-COVID that is, so that he can ask about the newest technology and the best way to make living with diabetes easier. I hit the jackpot with him!

Who is your support system? 

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