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November 5, 2020

Day five of International Diabetes Awareness Month

Today, we share our diabetes essentials.

Diabetic Backpack

This one is both easy and hard. I feel like there are just so many essentials we need as diabetics. My bag is always full of candy for hypos, my insulin pump, my phone for my cgm connection, my watch to keep an eye on my bg readings and water!

My go-to hypo snack when I'm traveling is sour candy, my go-to hypo snack overnight is juice. 

I couldn't live without my CGM, whether it's the Freestyle Libre or the Dexcom G6, I refuse to go back to finger pricks! Especially now that it doesn't hurt to type on the computer anymore.

My insulin pump is life changing, but if I had to choose between that or the CGM, I'd pick my CGM hands down.

Having stickers to help make my diabetic devices a little less medical make all the difference to me. They make being diabetic a little more fun and make sensor and pod changes exciting!

Having a bag that will hold all my diabetic supplies when I need to leave the house has become an essential item. It's so important to have an organized bag so that snacks are easy to find, insulin pumps or pens are right where you put them, etc. I am so excited to get our new Type W1N diabetic bags in this January 2021 so that I can share it with you all! 

Dexcom G6 Diabetic Backpack Freestyle Libre Hypoglycemia Insulin Pens Insulin Pump International Diabetes Awareness Juice low blood sugar Omnipod

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